Why Choose Us

We have an impressive reputation of excellence and surgical expertise.

  • Dr. Lee and his surgical staff are known for their excellent pre-operative care for every surgery, from basic extractions to the most complex dental reconstruction.
  • The staff are experts at navigating insurance policies and claims, and offer consulting services to medical and dental third party administrators to assist with clarification and submission of claims.
  • Dr. Lee has been awarded Top Dentists™ by his peers for nine consecutive years as reported in Cincinnati Magazine and has held the position of Editor-in-Chief of the Cincinnati Dental Society Bulletin for over five years. He is active in local, state and national dental and oral surgery organizations, and lectured nationally on jaw reconstruction and obstructive sleep apnea surgery.

We offer specialized technology and support.

  • The Cincinnati Center for Corrective Jaw Surgery offers 3-D facial imaging, which provides the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plan available. Considered the future of oral surgery, Dr. Lee was the first surgeon in the region to offer this technology.
  • For obstructive sleep apnea surgical planning, Dr. Lee uses a Cone Beam CT scanning and Dolphin Imaging Software to measure the patient’s airway ensuring the most effective and appropriate surgical procedure.
  • The Cincinnati Center for Corrective Jaw Surgery is recognized as a leader for its dentist/orthodontist/oral surgeon team approach to patient care. A dedicated Orthognathic Surgery Coordinator is assigned to manage jaw surgery cases to coordinate care with each patient’s orthodontist and dentist. This team approach is true of dental implant surgery as well.

We are committed to patient success & recovery.

  • Our surgical expertise combined with our accurate, individualized treatment plans lead to better aesthetics, fewer complications and better outcomes.
  • Our use of the latest, most specialized technology available results in the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plan possible.
  • For every patient, we strive to provide the best outcome, improved comfort and aesthetics and overall satisfaction – from the simplest procedure to the most complicated. Our patients deserve nothing less.

Check out Dr. Lee’s satisfied patient reviews below:

Surgical expertise. Technology-driven. Committed to patient recovery.