Orthognathic Surgery

Cincinnati Orthognathic Surgery

Dr. Lee’s primary focus is Orthognathic Surgery (jaw reconstruction). He has performed over 2,500 procedures for misaligned bites and craniofacial deformities.

Orthognathic Surgery corrects conditions related to jaw deformities and facial bone imbalance. The procedures align and correct any of the following:
-Congenital bite misalignment
-Developmental bite misalignment
-Trauma-related bite problems

Orthognathic Surgery is also successful in treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea and is the only surgical procedure available to provide effective relief from Sleep Disordered Breathing and Sleep Apnea. As a leader in Orthognathic Surgery, Dr. Lee works with Orthodontists, Otolaryngologists and Plastic Surgeons throughout Cincinnati and the Midwest to ensure the very best care possible. Dr. Lee understands that Orthognathic Surgery is more than “fixing the bite.”

Dr. Lee’s philosophy of patient management mirrors that of other nationally recognized Orthognathic Surgeons who practice a more comprehensive style of jaw reconstruction that emphasizes harmonizing the facial bones to enhance aesthetics and treatment planning to enlarge the patient’s airway. Treatment planning surgery with the Orthodontist in this fashion ensures long-term stability, facial harmony and aesthetics.

Surgical expertise. Technology-driven. Committed to patient recovery.

CAD CAM assisted jaw reconstruction has increased the success of jaw surgery and the predictability of the procedures used by Dr. Lee for correcting jaw deformities. Using advanced 3-Dimensional CAD-CAM techniques, Dr. Lee approaches every case with the goal of correcting the patient’s bite, maximizing their airway and obtaining the best esthetic result possible. In the video below, you can follow the step by step process Dr. Lee uses to virtually fix a patient’s bite. The internet virtual surgical session was conducted in concert with Medical Modeling technicians in Boulder, Colorado. Before beginning, Dr. Lee aligns the patient’s head with the CT scan. The patient’s teeth are superimposed onto the skull on the scan. From this overlay, accurate measurements can be made of the starting position of the jaws. The treatment plan is executed step-by-step. Watch the video and see how the bite is fixed and how technology drives the surgical process. Dr. Lee and his staff are technology-driven.

Before and After Patient Images