Cool Comfort Wrap™

To help ease the pain and swelling of oral surgery, we recommend a facial ice mask for continuous ice therapy. For years, orthopedic surgeons have successfully lowered post-operative pain and swelling through the use of continuous ice therapy following bone and joint surgery. Dr. Lee has applied this technology to oral surgery and is pleased to introduce continuous ice therapy with our Cool Comfort Wrap™. Available at no charge to Dr. Lee’s patients, the Cool Comfort Wrap™:

– Reduces post-operative swelling

– Lowers post-operative pain minimizing the need for post-operative pain medications

– Maintains an ideal continuous therapeutic cooling temperature to the face

– Eliminates repeated ice pack changes and leaking

– Provides support and pressure to the tissues surrounding the surgical site thereby lowering post-operative bleeding and bruising

– Accelerates the return of normal jaw muscle function and normal diet.

Continuous cold therapy via the Cool Comfort Wrap™ is available as a benefit for all of Dr. Lee’s patients. Read what patients are saying about this advance in post-operative care.

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See What Our Patients Are Saying

“Loved it!”
– Connor F.

“Reduced my swelling dramatically”
– Cory L.

“My daughter would have never endured the removal of her wisdom teeth without the Cool Comfort Wrap. It is worth its weight in gold”
– Jerry Almond

“After seeing how well my neighbor’s son did with his surgery, I decided to use Dr. Lee in spite of the fact that he was not a preferred provider on our dental insurance list. It just goes to show you that “preferred lists” are not always preferred offices.
– Brent S.

“With all of the bad press about narcotic use in our teenagers, I really appreciated a doctor who understands the importance of post-operative pain control. My daughter used very little pain medication after her surgery and it was because of the great job the Cool Comfort Wrap did controlling it”.
– Eliz Becker

“Such a simple device. Why doesn’t every dentist use these”?
– Peter H.

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