Oral Surgery

Cincinnati Oral Surgery

As premier providers of routine oral surgery in Cincinnati for over 30 years, Dr. Lee and his staff have supported the dental community and the patients they serve through comprehensive dentoalveolar surgery and office intravenous anesthesia. These oral surgery services, which include the extraction of wisdom teeth and other minor oral surgery procedures, are performed daily in his office. Dr. Lee partners with orthodontists, otolaryngologists, sleep medicine physicians and plastic surgeons throughout the Midwest to ensure patients get the best care available before and after undergoing oral surgery procedures.

Much has changed in the realm of oral surgery over the past few years, but Dr. Lee and his staff have swiftly adapted. They use the latest technology and surgical expertise to achieve optimal patient recovery after oral surgery. Newer anesthetic medications, more effective pain management and the introduction of the Cool Comfort Wrap™ have made undergoing oral surgery procedures safer and recovery shorter.

Dr. Lee uses state-of-the-art technology and techniques to perform advanced oral surgery procedures on patients of all ages. At the Cincinnati Center for Corrective Jaw Surgery, Dr. Lee and his staff are not only equipped to perform oral surgery on their Cincinnati patients, but they take pride in helping each patient have a quick and successful post-operative recovery.

Surgical expertise. Technology-driven. Committed to patient recovery.