Introducing the Cool Comfort Wrap™

For Faster Oral Surgery Recovery

Continuous ice therapy that shortens recovery time by reducing pain, swelling and most importantly today, the use of opiate narcotics.

For decades, orthopedic surgeons have used continuous ice therapy to lower pain and swelling after bone and joint surgery. Taking that idea and applying his knowledge of oral surgery recovery techniques, Dr. Lee created the Cool Comfort Wrap™ – a technology for continuous ice therapy that can be used to speed up recovery following oral surgery procedures. After oral surgery, the Cool Comfort Wrap™

  • Reduces swelling
  • Provides support and pressure, lowering bleeding and bruising
  • Lowers pain, minimizing the need for pain medications
  • Maintains an ideal continuous therapeutic cooling temperature to the face
  • Eliminates unnecessary ice pack leaking and changes
  • Accelerates the return of normal jaw muscle function and normal diet