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Dental Reconstruction in Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Center for Corrective Jaw Surgery is a technology-driven practice in dental reconstruction and dental surgery. These can take the form of oral surgery, dental implants or corrective jaw surgery to align the bite. A patient may find themselves in need of such dental reconstruction or dental surgery if they have suffered facial trauma, or if they have congenital or growth-related bite problems that need to be corrected.

At the Cincinnati Center for Corrective Jaw Surgery, Dr. Lee uses the latest dental technology – including Cone Beam CT scanning, 3-D imaging, and CAD-CAM Virtual Surgical Planning – to improve the outcomes of dental reconstruction and dental surgery. 3-D imaging gives more precise and accurate diagnostic information prior to dental surgery – an important issue especially when nerves and arteries are involved in the surgical area.

CAD-CAM Virtual Surgical Planning coupled with 3-D imaging allows for a more precise and accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for Dr. Lee’s patients. A more accurate treatment plan leads to less complications, better aesthetic outcomes and greater overall success.

Dental reconstruction and dental surgery are most effective when the oral surgeon works with other specialists, which is why Dr. Lee partners with orthodontists, otolaryngologists, sleep medicine physicians and plastic surgeons throughout the Midwest to ensure that patients get the best care available.

Patient-centered and technology-driven solutions –  like those available at the Cincinnati Center for Corrective Jaw Surgery – have redefined success in oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Surgical expertise. Technology-driven. Committed to patient recovery.